Osaka International Airport (ITM)
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(Osaka, Japan)

Osaka Airport (ITM) Travel and Transport: View of Itami AirportOsaka Itami Airport offers a variety of options for transfers to the city, Kansai International and beyond.

The airport's own bus service is the best option for many, as it is regular and cheap. However, many visitors take advantage of free hotel shuttles. Rail services are also available, as are taxis.


Airport buses, known as limousine buses, connect Osaka Itami Airport with a variety of locations across Osaka including Osaka/Umeda Station, Shin-Osaka Station and Namba Station. Average journey times are around 25 minutes. Tickets can be purchased in the Arrivals Hall.

Hotel Shuttles

Hotel shuttles are generally provided by Osaka's large, chain-company hotels. To be sure that a vehicle will be available to collect you on your arrival, check with your travel agent or contact your hotel directly before you arrive.


A monorail station at the airport provides a rail connection with Hotarugaike Station, from where transfers to mainline stations can be made.

Taxi Cabs

Taxis are available from outside of the Arrival Hall and while expensive, taxis are convenient and speedy. Few taxi drivers speak English, so you will need to show the driver a map indicating your desired destination or the address written in Japanese.

Osaka Airport ITM

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