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Osaka Airport (ITM) Hotels: Picture of the Bay BridgeMuch of the accommodation in Osaka is noticeably gathered around the areas of Kita and the Minami, the latter of which is perhaps better known as the 'Namba'. For many, Kita and the Namba really are the only places to look for hotels and lodging in Osaka, being close to the stations and the Dotombori area respectively.

Osaka Itami International Airport (ITM) provides air access for a large number of annual visitors and offers its very own selection of accommodation relatively close by, on the Nishinakajima Yodogawak and the Umeda. Many visitors come for sightseeing and holidaymaking opportunities, but a large percentage arrive with business agendas. Osaka caters well to its visiting population with a good accommodation infrastructure, based mainly in the city, with plenty of hotels which can be accessed by car in no more than 15 or 20 minutes.

Osaka: Airport Hotels and Accommodation

The Hilton Osaka hotel is based in the city only 10 km / 6 miles from the airport, close to Osaka Train Station, and provides all the necessary facilities for individual business guests or companies wishing to host events, meetings or conferences. However, for those simply looking for airport accommodation, the Hotel Nikko Kansai is linked to the terminal building and boasts almost 600 guest rooms spread over 11 floors.

Hotel Name
Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport
1 Senshu-Kuko Kita Izumisano-Shi,
Osaka, 549-0001, Japan
Ana Gate Tower
Rinku Orai Kita 1,
Osaka, 598-8511, Japan
Ramada Kansai Airport
3-3-34 Ichibanishi,
Osaka, 598-0006, Japan

Osaka: City Hotels and Accommodation

Central Osaka contains an endless selection of hotels within easy reach of Osaka Itami International Airport (ITM). Accommodation can be found in plentiful supply to the south of the train station, where many well-known brands reside, including the popular ANA Hotel, which is known for its extensive facilities and amenities.

Hotels can be found close to Osaka's many tourist attractions, such as the Festival Gate, Universal Studios Japan and also Expoland, with a number of establishments offering views across the bay and Yodo River. A range of lodging is also located in the following districts.

The Namba (Minami)
The Namba neighbourhood is one of the most popular areas of Osaka and lies on the southern side of the train station, close to the city centre. Known for its excellent selection of entertainment venues and high-rise hotels, accommodation in the Namba district is often close to large shopping malls, traditional Japanese blow-fish restaurants and iconic landmarks, including famous neon signs.

Located just a short distance from Osaka's downtown district, Naniwa is a bustling area of the city. Naniwa is home to a number of affordable hotels, offering good value for money and being within easy reach of the lively Namba region.

The Shinsekai district lies on the southern side of downtown Osaka and whilst some parts of this neighbourhood are not the most appealing, it does have much to offer. Cheap hotels and other accommodation options can be found all over Shinsekai, together with eateries, nightclubs, local speciality shops and more, with much of this area being dominated by the eye-catching Tsutenkaku Tower.

A notable tourist hotspot in Osaka, Dotonbori enjoys a scenic location next to the Dotonbori Canal, where many hotels stand between both the Dotonboribashi and Nipponbashi bridges. Accommodation in the Dotonbori area is never far from the action, with plenty of theatres, shops, restaurants, bars and colourful neon lights for everyone.

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